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2. Discuss your situation with a professional

Wage payments laws are complex and include various exceptions. Discussing the full details of your situation with a professional can help you know exactly what you are owed. The following resource providers can talk through your situation with you, discuss your options, mediate with your employer, and provide support with responding to violations.

The Center for Worker Justice of Eastern Iowa, based in Iowa City, provides free support and case management to workers experiencing wage theft. They recover thousands of dollars each year for workers who are wronged. See CWJ’s wage theft resources and contact information here.

Iowa Legal Aid provides free legal support. Depending on the details of your case, they can assist with letters to employers, filing claims, or connecting you with an attorney. See their page on wage payment rights here.

The Indiana-Illinois-Iowa Foundation for Fair Contracting has construction-specific wage rights guidance here. Construction work on public projects often comes with additional standards and regulations. Due to the structure of the industry, it can be difficult for construction workers to know what standards apply.

Tips for success

  • Start with a conversation. Either in person or on a phone call, tell your full story and include as many details as possible. 
  • Bring your documentation. Alternatively, have digital copies available or email them in advance of your meeting. 
  • Be persistent. Stay in touch about your case regularly with resource providers.

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