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What can I do if my employer is violating my wage payment rights?

Workers experiencing wage theft often find themselves in a tough situation. It can be tricky to figure out how to respond, especially when the worker doesn’t want to lose their job or be in conflict with their employer. However, there are a variety of options for workers in this situation.

Before responding in any of the following ways, every worker should take these first steps:

  • Document the issue. Gather documents, photos, screenshots, or other records of the violation. It is useful for workers to keep personal records of their hours worked, either as a handwritten log or using the US Department of Labor’s free timesheet app.

  • Discuss the issue with fellow employees. Coworkers may help corroborate your story, get documentation, or provide context. If the violation is affecting other workers, you have a stronger chance of successfully working with your employer if you work together. 

Here are your next options:

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