Common Good Iowa

State budget & taxes

Our vision for Iowa is one where our state passes a people-centered budget that meets immediate needs and lays the groundwork for economic recovery. To achieve that vision, we need to:

  • Target aid to those most in need due to the COVID public health and economic crises.

  • Protect state finances to preserve public services as the foundations of long-term economic growth and opportunity.

Our budget should be supported by an equitable tax system in which we: 

  • Flip our current “upside-down” tax system in which middle- and low-income families pay a higher share of their income in state and local taxes than wealthy families. 

  • Reform corporate tax credits to assure taxpayer dollars are used for public priorities, not as giveaways to profitable companies that do not need taxpayers’ help.

  • Expand work supports like the EITC and child tax credit that help low-paid Iowans meet a family budget.

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