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CGI Statement: Voucher vote carries painful consequences

January 24, 2023


DES MOINES — Common Good Iowa released the following statement by Executive Director Anne Discher following House and Senate approval early Tuesday of school voucher legislation proposed by Governor Kim Reynolds:


“We teach our children to think ahead — that their actions have consequences, and that they need to make good choices today to set themselves up for a successful future. Lawmakers, your actions today have consequences.


“When the Governor’s voucher plan is fully phased in— in Fiscal Year 2027, which starts in July 2026 — it will take $345 million of our state General Fund. Public dollars that go toward private-school vouchers will not be available for public priorities, including public schools, health care, public safety and environmental protection.


“Fiscal Year 2027 is also when last year’s draconian income-tax cuts, which will overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Iowans, hit their stride. That year we can expect them to shrink the General Fund by over 20 percent, or $1.8 billion. Competition for the funds that remain in the budget will be intense. It will be painful. No Iowa community will emerge unscathed.


“To expect otherwise is wishful thinking and it runs counter to the lessons of responsibility we teach our children.”


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