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CGI Statement: Put community needs over political stunt at border

August 4, 2023


Put Iowa's community needs over political stunts at the border

DES MOINES — Common Good Iowa released the following statement from Executive Director Anne Discher on Friday in response to Governor Reynolds' decision to use federal COVID relief dollars to send Iowa National Guard and Iowa State Patrol officers out of state while criticizing federal immigration policy.

"Governor Kim Reynolds is twisting federal COVID relief aid for an unaccountable partisan stunt in her move to send National Guard and Iowa state troopers to the nation’s southern border.

"The American Rescue Plan Act, from which the governor is diverting funds for this political show, is part of the effective federal response that stabilized our economy and helped families during and after the deadly pandemic. A new map at shows example after example across the state of good uses of the COVID relief funds to help Iowans. 

"Iowans are looking for solutions to the challenges facing their families and communities — good-paying jobs, great public schools, affordable health care and child care, clear air and water — not political stunts that may put Iowa Guard members in jeopardy. That’s where Governor Reynolds should focus federal relief dollars, not cheap political stunts."

Common Good Iowa is a nonpartisan, nonprofit public policy research and advocacy organization based in Des Moines.

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