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CGI News: New tax-cut proposals remain 'recipe for disaster'

January 10, 2024

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Common Good Iowa released the following statement from executive director Anne Discher following Governor Kim Reynolds' Condition of the State address Tuesday night.

"While Governor Reynolds is backing off her promise to push for elimination of the income tax, her plan for deeper cuts than those already scheduled are a mistake.

“Once again, she is proposing to make new cuts instead of waiting to see the impact of the currently scheduled cuts, which the Legislative Services Agency showed in 2022 would mean a nearly $2 billion hit to revenues when fully implemented later in this decade.

"Tax cuts since 2018 have cost us $1.7 billion that could have gone to schools, health care, child care, environmental protection and many other unmet needs. Continuing cuts will make these challenges even more difficult to address.

“Common Good Iowa was right two years ago and still has math on its side. A tax-cut agenda benefiting primarily the wealthy and gutting future revenues for critical services remains a recipe for disaster, as we stated in January 2022.”

For that January 2022 report, click here.

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